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Marriage and Family Life

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Understanding that the family is the domestic church and reveals to the world a unique vision of God's love and life, the Marriage and Family Office of the Diocese of Salt Lake City is dedicated to empowering families in all its stages from conception to natural death.  The Marriage and Family Life Office will perform these duties by developing and implementing programs as well as researching and implementing existing programs that enhance family life.  The Marriage and Family Life office will work towards these goals through active participation in local, national and international groups that support and protect family life in accordance with Catholic teaching.

Upcoming Events

September 27-November 5,  Forty Days for Life.  Local contact: Dominic and Jeana Jones 801-582-1198 and jmjones@gmx.com or jonesd@xmission.com  Sign up today to pray for an end to abortion.  

October 14, NFP for engaged couples (See Marriage Prep, top left)

October 14--MARRIED AND IN LOVE...MOST OF THE TIME.  Day long marriage retreat in Park City.  $35 per couple.  (See Marriage enrichment, top left for more details)

October 14, The 2017 Uplift Families Parenting Conference is just around the corner. The grand event will take place on October 14th at Thanksgiving Point starting at 5:30pm.  http://www.upliftfamilies.org

November 18, NFP for engaged couples (See Marriage Prep, top left)

Fall is in the air.  Harvest time is here. As we send our children off to school, we need to ask ourselves, what seeds have we planted and how will our family life improve when it comes time to harvest.  Have we taken time for each other, to pray, play, and work as a unit?  How have we reached out to those who have no families or are disenfranchised?

Action items

Catholic teaching challenges us to speak for those who have no voice or have limited political power.  During this time that the state legislature is "off", there are still monthly interim meetings of great importance.  You can attend those meetings and ask to speak or you can contact your local representative and let him/her know your views.  Two important issues to keep in mind are:

For an analysis of Utah Legislative items, please go here:  http://www.dioslc.org/images/government%20liaison/2017_tracking_sheet_1_19.pdf

HEALTHY UTAH: Despite across the board support for the bill, from medical professionals to business owners to the vast majority of the general population, SB 164 was defeated in the Utah House of Representatives.  For the past several months, House members have been unable to articulate a valid reason for their opposition to the program, especially in the face of so much statewide support. By midnight, March 13, at the end of the session, thousands of Utahns were left with no affordable alternatives for health insurance.

The good news, however, is that the legislative and executive branches did agree to work out a solution to the impasse by July 31.  Governor Herbert, Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox, Speaker of the House Greg Hughes, Senate President Wayne Neiderhauser and the sponsors of the two competing health insurance bills that were debated during the session, Sen. Shiozawa and Rep. James Dunnigan, will meet in the interim to craft a solution to present to a special session of the legislature.  Catholics should express their support for protecting the dignity and sanctity of life by providing health care for low income workers.

ASSISTED SUICIDE: Another item of grave concern was placed on the list of study items for the interim session--assisted suicide. HB 391 Utah Death with Dignity Act was modeled on Oregon’s law and defeated in a House committee hearing.  However, the sponsor asked for the matter to be reviewed in interim committee hearings.  Watch for action alerts for opportunities to weigh in on assisted suicide with legislators during the coming months.

Thank you to Mrs. Jean Hill, Diocesan Government LIaison, for sending the above information. 

 ***Note:  If you are planning to bring in a speaker from outside the diocese for any event, you must fill out a form that enables us to vet the speaker.  No event will be published unless and until such time as the speaker has been approved by the Bishop.  To download the form, click here http://www.dioslc.org/images/safe%20environment/forms/Lay_Ministry_Clearance_Form_English.pdf

Resources for Married Couples

USCCB, www.foryourmarriage.org is a great resource for married couples, engaged couples and divorced and seperated.  

Marriage Encounter Weekend:  A weekend retreat for married couples to enhance their marriage. 

What have you done for your marriage today?Click here to find ideas and resources for every kind of couple: engaged, happily married forever, married but needing some help to restore more happiness. Take a few minutes today to enhance your sacrament.

¿Qué han hecho hoy por su matrimonio?  "Hagan ?Click' aquí para ideas y recursos para cualquier clase de parejas: comprometidos, casados feliz para siempre, casados pero necesitando cierta ayuda para restaurar más felicidad."  Tomen algunos minutos hoy para aumentar su sacramento. 

Retrouvaille. This program is designed to help marriages that are struggling.  It provides a lifeline to those couples who want to renew and strengthen their marriage.  For local information, contact:  HelpOurMarriage.com

Parent Education

Foster/Adoptive parent support.  Utah Foster care hosts ongoing support groups and workshops designed to help families in their choice to foster or adopt children.  For more information go to www.utahfostercare.org

 Are you raising your grandchildren?  Children's Service Society has developed "Grandfamilies".  This program provides resources and activities specifically designed for your situation.  Contact Alyssa Taylor, SSW, Family Advocate, Grandfamilies Relatives as Parents Support Services @ Children's Service Society.  655 East 4500 South #200-Salt Lake City-UT -84107 D: 801.326.4394- T: 801.355.7444 or alyssa@cssutah.org-- www.cssutah.org


Respect Life

Are you hiding your pregnancy?  Are you worried that you won't be able to parent this child, but don't know what to do?  Are you scared of what others might think of you if they find out you are pregnant?  There is a Safe Place for Newborns.  Utah's Safe Haven act allows you to drop off your newborn baby at any emergency room, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, NO POLICE, NO NAMES, NO SOCIAL WORKERS.  They will ask if you would like to see a doctor to make sure you're healing properly, but your baby will be taken to a safe and secure place.  Call 1-866-458-0058, 24 hours a day or visit the website at www.utahsafehaven.org


     Ethics and Medicine

  1.           October 2010
              Order form for Handbook on Critical Life Issues


Pornography:  Pornography hurts marriages and harms our youth.  It is addictive.  There is help. Contact your priest and go to confession.  He will offer you the spiritual guidance you will need.

RECLAiM Sexual Health at http://reclaimsexualhealth.com is a Catholic based on line program designed to help those who are addicted and their families. 

Utah Coalition Against Pornography was started by Archbishop Niederauer when he was bishop of Salt Lake.  AB Niederauer recognized that pornography was a growing problem that needed to be addressed through pastoral initiatives, scientific research, education, and counselling.  You can contact UCAP at http://utahcoalition.org   In addition, you can attend the annual conference.  

Suicide prevention

For those who are considering suicide, please contact your parish priest or the Suicide Hotline at 1 800 273-TALK (1 800 273-8255).  Family members may also want to check out http://actionallianceforsuicideprevention.org/task-force/faith-communities 


End of Life Issues

Stem Cell Research

Health Care

Bishops Clarify Misconceptions of Health Care Reform

Other Resources:

Salt Lake County offers many support programs and information for senior citizens and their caregivers. If you would like to know more about services, helpful workshops and activities, click here.

National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

For information, teacher lists, supportive doctors, and class schedules to assist women/couples learn Natural Family Planning, click here.